nuts,gave them a half turn and he let out a yelp. I slowly lowered him to the ground and leaned over him "I ain't your bitch mother fucker and neither is Eddie" i whispered to him still squeezing his beeg 4k balls tightly. he only looked at me beeg .com in fear "do you know who I am? i bet your thinkin your gonna beat the shit outta me when I let you go huh? not a good idea" again i leaned begg closer to his ear, I licked it an dwhispered very softly. "the axeman cometh"i leaned back"ask around it might save your life" I smiled at him beeg beeg and got up, he beeeg only lay there. I grabbed Eddie by the arm and we left. "what the fuck was that?" Eddie screamed at me "lets just get the fuck outta here" I yelled at him we went right out the doors and headed for the woods,I didn't have to say a word that's where we went when we needed to beeg hot talk without distractions. when we got there Eddie started. "I dont need you takin' up for me, I aint your bitch" "looks to me like your Ryan's" beeg "fuck you" "NO FUCK YOU, what the hell is wrong with you?" "I'm just tired of the bullshit,if that jesmane fucker had died you'd beeg porn videos be in juvenile right now." he was weeping uncontrollable " I can't lose you again Alex" "aww man, I aint goin nowhere" "what you did was crazy,what if he tells the principal,you threatened to beegxx kill him?" "no I didn't, did I" "you did, see beeg porno what I mean? you seem so reckless now,like you want to go back or sumthin" "NO, I'll die before I go back there" "don't you ever threaten to die on me"he said cooly hd beeg "oh man, I didn't mean anything like that" "just don;t leave me again" "I won't. But beeg xx why Eddie? I still don't get it" "I'm not sure really,I was so sick of all those mother fuckers askin' me quetions-and Ryan was clueless didn't know the rumours,and he is cute. I was so lonely and when he was lookin at me in the bathroom,I just went along,afterwards he was real abusive and treating me like a bitch.But I didn't care it was better beegporn than lonliness" "what about our friends?" "all they wanna beeg sex talk about is you,rather or not you did it.did you really kill somebody. that's your story you tell it.It's none of their fuckin business as far as i'm concerned" "it's really no big deal to me" beeg. com "you know I hate gettin grilled for information.When I got back from my xnxx beeg uncles that summer, I came to school late because I had run away from my uncles, I was on the streets for like a month,doin whatever I had to do to survive, I sucked alotta dick for money so Ryan was no big deal.anyway when I got back to school everyone grilled me for info beeg.coom and i hated that,it was like i was reliving that all over again" beeg xxx (it only made sense that he would regress to that time,but I couldn't tell him that) "I'm sorry eddie,this has www.beeg.com been everybit as hard on you as it has on me,I didn't even consider beeg porn videos that" he only looked at me "still can't believe you did that though" "which part?" i asked "with Ryan,he's gonna be beeg.c one of two things,really pissed or really scared" "if he's really scared maybe we can get him to suck our dicks"I tipped him a wink. "let's just move on can we?" "hey I'll handle the others" and I hugged beeg sex video him to me. we stayed xxxbeeg like that for several hours before we had to go home,we would both be in beeg xx trouble for not goin back to class,but it was only a coupla days of detention so fuckit. As it turns out Ryan was not a beeg. problem begg at all infact he kept his distance and left us alone,as with all things the excitement died down and things went back to normal or as close to normal as things ever www beeg com are in school. continued..... stick beeg tube around this ones nowhere near finish keep the s beegxx coming i love beeg 18 the input beeg come axl Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2002 11:58:24 -0500 From: mr. axl Subject: eddie and the axeman disclaimer beeg ass if your not supposed to read it then don't this means if your too young go sex beeg out beeg hairy and live beeg tubes it instead of reading about it' if your old enough but live in a place where the power's that be believe your incapable of makimg such decisions then leave before you get in trouble. and beeg/ if xxxbeeg you insane then read no further as i would hate for a young person to be hurt because of my imagination. and oh yeah this is my shit so don't steal it. axl EDDIE AND THE AXEMAN 9 We went into the house and I introduced Kevin to mom beeg poto and beeg.coom dad, he was kinda shy but things went well enough. we went to my room and beeg ass he relaxed abit.We got www beeg out of our coats and got comfortable. "I don't think Eddie likes me" "naw he's just in a shitty mood 'cause he has to go out of town instead of stayin' here" "why? what's indian beeg the big deal" "well we been knowin each other for awhile and we' do everything together. we been apart for over three months and now he has to go out of town" "why?" "why what?" "why were you two apart so long" "you heard the talk I'm sure. we'll talk about that more later" "cool, hey https //beeg.com you got anything to beegporn drink?" "yeah what beeg videos do you want?" "whiskey" "umm gee let me get that right away" "seriously ,don't you drink?" "yeah but i haven't stocked my bar lately" I said sarcastically "can we get some?"he said smilin"it kinda knocks off the edge" aww, site beeg.com beeg he was nervouse. "yeah let me get a shower and we'll figure something out" i said "although beeg coom beer is alot easier to get" "well if we can go out i'm sure I can get some hard stuff" " well my folks won't care as long as it ain't too late" with that I went to take my shower, when I came back wearing just my towel he was lying on my bed reading a comic. "your not a bit shy are you" he said .beeg laughing. beeg..com when I dropped my towel beeq.com beegporn to put my boxers on, I beeg.c noticed his eyes got big (that musta caught him by surprise. "no not at all, does it make you uncomfortable?" "umm no, I'm just not used to havin' xnxx beeg boys dress infront of me" "I'll keep that in mind"I said smilin' "naw it's cool. I mean it is your room" "we'll work it out later. you want a shower?" "I usually take one before I go to bed,it helps me sleep" "thats cool" i smiled again (damn I was smilin' like an idiot I couldn't believe I was so nervouse.Ive beeg 4k done this so many times before but this kid was such a mystery) "so how we gonna get this whiskey,and make it Makers Mark I hate Beam and Jack" "that's cool I'll go around to the back door and you just destract them at the front door,can't be too busy though" "alright , we'll go after dinner" "hah now we're talkin' "he said smilin that big smile of his,I mean beegs these lips were so juicy and wet and when he smiled,now some would say he had big lips but i say they were JUICY. After dinner we bundled up and went out to get the whiskey. everything almost went perfectly I just stood at the window and when the guy https //beeg.com started to walk to the back I simply tapped on the glass when he https //beeg.com told me to go away,I dropped my pants and shoved my ass against the glass,that was enough to hold his beeg hd attention for a minute. When I thought I'd given Kevin more than enough time I simply headed beeg. com off down the street . I heard b eeg a door slam round back and out came beegs Kevin with a guy in chase. The woods were the beeg poto closest thing so I led Kevin in that direction,by the time beeg sexxn the guy gave up we were already near to the cave that Eddie and I sometimes beegxxx went too. I took Kevin inside the cave.He was breathing so hard I thought beeg indian he would have a beegxxx heart attack, almost hyper-ventilating. "hey man you alright?" ""can't catch my breath"he said with much effort. "what took you so long?" "I wanted a pack .beeg of smokes beeg porn and then I dropped a bottle,and that guy was in there in a flash" "you didn't get the whiskey?" "yeah I grabbed one on the way out,that's why I nearly got caught"he said gettin his breath back"you owe me"he smiled "hell I had to moon the guy to keep his attention" "damn you aint shy are ya?" "nope ,you should try it sometime" "naw,I blush just lookin in the mirror " beeg tubes at that I laughed and opened the bottle,it was very dark inside the cave so beeg..com we had to sit right next to each other to see one another. "we need some light " he said "light a cigarette, we won't be able to smoke in the house. mom will have a fit" we both lit up and beeg sex video that provided a bit of light ,atleast enough to see his eyes. After a coupla hits beeg teen of the Maker's I had beeg com. a slight buzz and was feelin' pretty relaxed,Kevin must have too cause he was talkin'a bit more "Alex?" "yeah?" "can I ask you sumthin?" "sure" "why did Eddie call me a fuck toy?" "he was just pissed" "I beeg xxx heard some things about him,are they true?" "you'll have to ask him" "do you think that I'm a fuck toy?" "Kevin what are you askin me? 'cause I'm notgettin it" "nevermind" there was an awkward silence,I broke it finally "hey, give me another cigarette" "here" he handed me the whole pack "thanks "I said handing them back "hey,Alex?" "yeah Kevin" I said giggling anal beeg the booze was really kickin in now "why did you all of a sudden decide to talk to me?" "I dunno ,I guess you seemed like a cool guy" "oh," he beeg mom said almost disappointed "alottapeoplethinkI'm gay" he blurted beeg porno out as one word. "well are you?" he just sat there silent, (Ihate silence It's the one thing I truly fear. even to this day) I waited patiently "I www.beeg com dunno"he said finally"I never been with a girl" "what beeg movies about a boy?" "hey I heard Eddie was suckin' dick in the bathroom.Is it true?" "look! Eddie's my friend,rather it's true or not is none of your fuckin' www beeg com business." I got up now"if you wanna know about Eddie you ask him" "I'm sorry"he whispered"it's just " he went silent. free porn beeg "look Kevin me and eddie are friends no matter what" "are you my friend Alex?" "I like you alot Kevin,I hope to be, but you won't let me get to know you. I practically had to beg you to come over this weekend" "it's not that Alex. It's just that.."he started to cry"everytime I get a friend something goes wrong.My mom isn't the only reason we have had to move"he was sobbing. "I'm confused" "we had to move the last time 'cause everyone was beetin'me up or abusing me.They all beeg com said I look gay so they made me do things. That's why I was hopin' it was true about Eddie" Now talk about mixed emotions,I mean beeg. com I was upset that he was so upset,but if only he knew?? "hey look Kevin,I like you,I wanna be your friend" "yeah but...??" "but nothing Kevin" "there's always a www beeg.com but. plus I heard Eddie call me a fuck toy."he said sadly"so if your gonna force me to suck your dick or whatever let's get it over with O.k. so I can get back to my house.I'll even write the report."now he was crying"I just dont want to move again" "hey. I will confess"I said moving closer too him"I was drawn beeg tubes to you because you are very cute but I wont force you to do beeg black shit.I saw enough of that in the boy's haven" he only sobbed now. "hey beeg video look Kevin I find you extremely beeg.com/ attractive and yes I would fuck you in the drop of a hat. But if your not into that,well that's cool too.we're still friends" "see that's the thing Alex.I think your beeg hot really cute but what if all you want is to fuck me?just like everyone else? "well I cant answer that any other way than to say.I want alot more than to just fuck you"I laughed and gave him a push. he only sat there quietly. "hey lets get home I'm tube beeg freezin,and I need something to chase this with .It's a bit too strong" when we got home mom and dad were on their way out. "we're indian beeg goin to a movie, you two wanna go?" "naw beeg.con we better get to work beeg com. on the report" "fine but you two stay out of trouble . and don't leave the house" wow imagine my luck ?I had liter of Maker's, the house to myself and this gorgeouse boy .life is good. We sat around and drank we were pretty blitzed by beeg . the time Kevin decided he wanted a shower. "do beeg xx you have some clothes I can borrow?" I handed him a pair of boxers and nothing else He looked at me puzzled as he beeg coom leaned against the door frame for support. "is that all?' "oh do you need more" "umm yeah I was thinkin clothes" he was giggling "oh man I was hopin to see b eeg more of you" I tipped him a wink I handed him some sweats and a t-shirt and he headed to the bathroom. my head was spinnin and his had to be as he was drinkin' faster than I was. then I heard the sound.He was starting to hurl . I headed to the bathroom to see if beeg hd he needed anything. beeh the door was locked. "Kevin you alright?" splash another load hit he water . he was sicker than beeg . a dog. "Kevin unlock the damned beegcom door" he did and then lay back porno beeg in the floor.shame he was getting sick because it was still a site to behold. He was laying there in only his stripped bikini briefs, his pants were still porn beeg around one of his legs and he had his shirt off. I took in his legs with the slight dusting of hair,his arms with just a coupla hairs under each one tube beeg and when I looked back at the bikinis, they had slipped down just a bit so I could see the top of his pubic hair sticking out the same mousy brown as his head. And then I staired shamelessy at his package. Damn I wanted to touch it. "quit staring at my dick beeg free and help me www.beeg up" beeg I helped him up and put him in the shower "here let xxxbeeg me help you "I said pulling the pants from the other leg.when I went to help with the beeg hindi underwear... "I can do it,get out now" "I'll wait right here just take your fuckin' shower.I don't need you trashing the bathroom" he threw his beeg lesbian underwear over the shower beeg massage curtain and I caught them.I couldn't resist the begg urge to smell them they had that sweet musty smell that I so love. atlast the shower shut off and he pulled the towel from over the bar, threw back the shower curtain and with the towel beeg massage still around his waist pulled the boxers on. беег "damn your a shy guy" "you just want to see my dick" he slurred drunkenly "well yeah beeg com that's true" "well ya can't" he beeg movies laughed maniacally I led him to www.beeg..com the beeg.com bedroom and sat beeg mom him on the bed. "I'll sleep on the floor "he said "It's up to you" as soon as he lay down he was asleep, he forgot so put his clothes on though. I crawled down on the floor next to him and peeked www beeg under the covers,I pulled the slit in his boxers apart and took in his boy hood. He was circumsized and has a www beeg.com nice soft bush around his dark penis,he was naturally dark complected. I lay there wondering about him. He said he thought I was attractive but acted like he wasn't interested. I must have drifted off to sleep next to him 'cause I was awakened by his hand porno beeg on my groin. I peeped threw slits acting like I was still asleep.He was looking through the slit in my boxers.(aint that a bitch now he was checkin beeg hairy me out like beeg 18 I checked him out) He leaned closer and had his face right next to my crotch and then he beeg sexxx pulled bee it out and put it milf beeg in his mouth ,I gasp and that беег must have freaked him because he rolled back over and tried to sleep. alright enough beeg ass with the cat and mom beeg mouse,it was time to move "you didn't have to stop"I beeg.con whispered"I liked it" he said nothing,I rolled over and spooned him. he was crying again."I don't wanna be teen beeg gay,I hate it" "hey look it's been along night just get some sleep o.k" he only sobbed.I pulled him to me and we lie there for awhile,I had nearly dozed off when he broke the silence. "you promise you don't just want me for a fuck toy?" beeg x "Kevin I want to fuck you more than anything right now,but www beeg.com if we never fuck,well beegcom then beeg. thats cool too" "I never fucked a boy before I been sucked and have sucked them.I've been people's fucktoy before"he said quietly "I don't even know if I would want to.I would like to be fucked by someone who cares about me." I kissed him on the cheek"I can't put your fears to rest Kevin,and we both know that bee nothing I say could do that. We'll just give beeg xnxx it time" "do you want me to suck your dick Alex? I mean I did get beeg sex you started" "I'd rather suck yours beeg beeg Kevin" "I don't wanna be fucked Alex, everytime someone sucks my dick they expect to fuck me" "just lay back and relax o.k Kevin" and with that I rolled beeg tube ontop of him and pulled the covers beeh from between us. I kissed my way down his belly and to the edge of his beeg/ underwear,I slipped them off free beeg slowly, his rod was already growing rigid,by the beeg x time I got it in beegcom my mouth there was already a small amout if pre-cum at the tip,I took him all the way down and he gasped.after working my www.beeg way up and down abit he raised beeg xnxx his legs, I knew what that meant so while still stroking him I gently kissed his ballsack and then began to lick his sweat pucker,he gaspped and then whispered"no" had I heard right? so I went beeg.com/ back to his beautiful boyhood he was grasping the sheet with both hands and letting me work on him.He was now panting and I felt him start to stiffen I increased my anal beeg pressure and started to rub his balls,he was beeg/ whispering over and over"uhhh,uhhh"and bucking his hips into my mouth. atlast he went beeg videos rigid and exploded 5,6,7 beeg hairy large bursts into the back of my throat I drank every drop and was is beeg indian good. when I beeg video had finished he pulled his boxers back on and said."I suppose you want me to do you now?" "not really ,I think I'd rather sleep" he looked surprised,then he smiled and said "me too" with that he rolled away from me and fell asleep.I turned to the other side and fell asleep as well. The next morning ,I had awoke before Kevin and had to pee, so I went beeg anal ahead and took my shower beeg moms too.When I came back he was starting to stir so I just stood there and watched him. When he woke up he looked at me smiling. "good morning"he said widening beeg video his smile. "good morning to you. I'll be damned if your not just a little too chearful in the morning." I laughed"I hope you never wake up before me,I'd probably have to smack you " we both laughed at that. "I slept better beeh than I have in a long time" "yeah and you snore too" I said kicking him in beag.com the leg he only laughed at me "so you wanna get your ass up and get some breakfast?"I asked. "umm well I would but beeg mature beeg moms I have mom beeg no clothes on" "oh beeg teen hell it ain't nothing I ain't seen as recently as last night "I chuckled "besides you got boxers on" I said as I ripped the covers off of him. "although they are b eeg on backwards" I screamed with laughter, he looked embarassed ,but I beeg come had tears coming from my eyes. "hey , your welcome to stay as long as you want my mom can take you to get some clothes if you wanna" "I should call my mom first. but I would like to stay a bit longer if it's o.k" "that beeg xnxx would be great"I said a little too enthusiastically.We looked beeg vids at eachother and busted out laughing. At breakfast porno beeg I beeg milf asked xxx beeg my mom if she would take Kevin to get some clothes if his mom let him stay, ofcourse she said yes. And ofcourse Kevin's mom said he could stay so it was a done deal now all we had to do was to get him some clothes. Kevin gave mom direction to his beeg porn videos house,it wasn't a very nice neighborhood we waited in the car as he ran into his apartment to get some clothes, he came out with a kroger bag full of clothes. "what took you so long?"I asked punching his shoulder"we had time beeg black to score a bump beeg com and a quarter sack of weed.plus we nearly got beeg mature the rims stolen" he looked beeg . embarassed. beeg hindi As soon as my www.beeg com mom was done scolding me for my beeg xvideos insensitive comments I leaned over and told him I was sorry,brushing my lips against his ear as I said it.I liked that so I decided to whisper something else to him too "so do I get to see you model any of those bikini briefs?" he leaned right next to me almost nose to nose until I turned my ear to him,I could feel his hot breath on my ear when he said "no" I beeg black leaned back into his ear and whispered "bitch"and then I licked his ear. He jumped when I did that, but he also gasped. I winked at him and said aloud "liked that didn't you?' "what honey?" my mom beeg-com yelled to the back seat "nothing mom ,just talkin beeg videos to Kevin" "well be nice" she shot me a look in the rear view mirror "I am mom"I said as I slipped my hand up his leg and gave his crotch a quick squeeze. He jumped and my mom looked beeg.coom back again "are you alright Kevin" "yes maam" he said as www.beeg..com I squeezed him again. I looked him beeg sexxn in the eye when he looked at me and I gave him my best sinister smile. When we got home we went straight to my room and I tackled him onto my bad. "no huh?, I'll give you no" and I lay my weight full ontop of him,he struggled but I could feel his stiffness free beeg pressing against me. he struggled with www.beeg.com me but i had the best of him. "hmm,gee Kevin is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me"I asked beeg xvideos as I climbed off of him intentionally putting a hand on his hard boyhood. again he was embarassed,damn he was even more beautiful when he was blushing. "oh come beeg hd on Kevin,you embarass too easy.I mean don't get me wrong, your even cuter when you blush. But your just too easy"I said beeeg smilin "I am not easy" he beeg xvideos said defiantly"you aint had me yet..errr I mean" "yeah I heard what you said.you beeg.com said YET" I sat teen beeg beeg vids next to him and xxx beeg laughed. when he beeg hot recovered we changed the subject, he wanted to beeg mature work on the report for awhile.he said that he would write it if I gave the presentation. beeg porn "No we'll milf beeg work on it together' "oh man I could never do a presentation" he said horrified "no problem I'll do that part, beegxx but I still wanna work on it with you.But not till you beeg poto get a shower you stink" I said pushing him. He got milf beeg up beeg jepang and sorted through his bag and found some clothes. "give me the dirties and I'll have mom wash em'" "that's o.k. I have enough clothes" "for like two days. I thought you might stay longer than that.Besides it will give me a chance to play with you bikini's"I laughed "umm Alex, that's kinda gross"he said embarassed. "what's wrong beeg anal fraid I'll find bacon strips?" "huh??" "racin' stripes?" "what??" "skid marks" "oh.. fuck you" he beeg sexxx giggled"you are crazy" I tackled him again, and pinned him down "thats the excitement isn't it?" I smiled down at him. "whatever beeg lesbian " he said as he tried to wiggle free. "give it up,you cant get away."I laughed "or are you just tryin to rub beeg tube that hard little dick against my butt?" I bee pinned his xxx beeg shoulders with my arms and slid my butt down so that it was directly ontop of his pole. I began to grind into him,although we were beeg sexxx completely dressed,I could tell he was stil feelin it as his breathing became strained. He only looked into my eyes pleadingly( was it to say please stop beag.com or beeg porno please continue?) "I thought I stink" is gasped "want me to get up?" "yes please" when I let beeeg him up he tried to hide his hardness from me. "don't even bother I felt it"I laughed "fuck you Alex" he giggled and went to the bathroom to get his www beeg shower. We still had some whiskey left so I suggested we go to the cave and hang out. It was damned hd beeg cold and beeg porche we were even expecting some snow so we would have to get bundled up. I remembered a flash light this time. When we bundled beeg porche up beeg jepang kevin put on a ski mask.It isolated his two most beeg-com beautiful features. Those beautiful juicy lips,(damn I wanted a taste) and those pale blue eyes,the color of blue you see on a husky(you know the dog?) I to this day am a sucker for eyes that color. continued.... sorry for the abrupt ending but I just decided to take things in yet another direction so.... hope you like site beeg.com beeg it havent had much sex beeg feed back so this has become more self indulgent than ever and a word of acknowledgement to a special friend who recently posted a special story ;) axl Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2002 11:29:57 -0500 From: beeg mp4 mr. axl Subject: Eddie and the beag.com Axeman 12 beeg disclaimer if your not supposed to read it then don't this means if your too young go out and live it instead of reading about it' if your old enough but live in a place where the power's that be believe your incapable of makimg such decisions then leave before you get in trouble. and if you insane then read no further as i would hate for a young person to be hurt beeg .com because of my imagination. and oh yeah this is my shit so don't steal it. axl EDDIE AND THE AXEMAN 12 As the week drew on I found myself obsessing about the fact that it would be over all too soon,this bummed me out. "what's beeg xxx wrong with you?" free porn beeg Kevin asked. "nothin'" I answered, "I just don't want this week to end is all" "so your gonna ruin it by gettin' bummed out?" he asked"that's kinda dumb" "hey who you callin' dumb?" I tried my hardest to sound mad at him. "you" he said and pushed me onto the couch,then headed beeg gesetz out into the front yard beeg mp4 and the two inches of snow. " www beeg com oh that's your ass now boy"I said comin' out onto the porch and makin' a snowball. "you still throw like a girl" he said giggling. I ran after him and he ran beeg beeg halfway down the block before I caught up to him.I tackled him and we rolled beeq.com beeg free around beeg milf in the snow like a coupla ten year olds,laughin' and gigglin'. I looked down at him.I beeg 18 had him pinned beeg.com/ beneath me , his wwwbeeg eyes were so blue against the white background of the beeg 4k snow ,there were snowflakes in his long eyelashes, I could not contain myself . I porn beeg kissed him right in the middle of a stranger's front yard. He pulled away. "someone will see." He looked terrified. "I'm sorry. Just couldn't resist" We continued to play tube beeg in the snow until it beeg com. got dark,by that time we were pretty worn out anyway,so we went xnxx beeg back to the house. After dinner that night beeg-com we went straight to my room. I took a shower and Kevin had started workin' www.beeg on the project. It was all but finished. When I walked in with nothin' but a towel on,Kevin looked up and said. "put that thing beeg .com away , it's just a distraction." He was layin' on his stomach in the middle of the floor,so I walked around behind him opened my towel and lay on his back. I was grinding into his butt through beeg gesetz the shorts he was wearing. "I beeg vids told wwwbeeg you it would be a distraction"he said"It ain't gonna work,we have too much to do yet" I continued to grind into his backside and lick his ears. "stop now" he said without much conviction. I continued to lick his ears. He rolled over and dumped me off looking at me. "now behave yourself Alex,please. We have work to do" He bent over and kissed me on the mouth. "now put some clothes on" "OOH I love it when you assert yourself" He giggled "yeah that's me alright. Mister assertive" We both laughed and I put on a pair of nylon beeg moms shorts .beeg and nothing else. I sat across from him with my legs spread intentionally so that